Clinical Supervision with Danielle Schlagel


We enter this work with reason. Something drives us, fulfills us, and sends us down this beautiful, difficult path.

 Whatever your reason for coming into this work- you’re here. You’ve chosen a career that challenges you to be your best version, shed light into your dark spaces, and bear witness to all that life presents to us. It is not an easy job, but it is an important one. Even more in recent times as so many are hurting and needing support. I can help you navigate the early waters of your career or help refresh you if you’ve been in the business for a while.

I’m here to help you grow.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Addictions Counselor, and an Approved Clinical Supervisor. I graduated from Regis University in Denver with my Master of Arts in Counseling as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Counseling. There is no end to learning, though, and I have participated in over 60 hours of Clinical Supervision training. My experience over the last 13 years has been varied and meaningful, including the work I have done in the department of youth corrections, inpatient psychiatric care, residential, substance use rehab, in-home therapy, and outpatient therapy. I spent much of my career in community mental health settings, but have held a successful private practice for nearly eight years. I have offered family, individual, group, and couples counseling. My range of experience allows me to supervise you, regardless of the setting you are currently working in, with an understanding of the population and atmosphere you serve.

My approach has grown from those who have supervised me.

My greatest teacher was who Gil, in Finding Nemo, was created after – poetic language included. He, among others, taught me the importance of being present, genuine, and encouraging the growth of those I work with. Though clinical skills are clearly part of the territory, I believe you gain much of what you need in your coursework. I see my role as supportive, encouraging, and sometimes challenging you to help you realize your natural gift with counseling. I’m here to help you along the path as you apply those skills you already know to new and challenging scenarios while helping you to adjust them, continue to seek out more knowledge, and be a resource for more ideas. I try to be compassionate, humorous, and model healthy and consistent boundaries with you as you move through your career.

Everything I do has a mindfulness component, as it is vital that we as counselors are present, aware of ourselves, aware of the experience of our clients, and aware of the exchange between us. My work with clients pulls from ACT, RLT, Gottman, and IFS. I find it important to always be on the lookout for counter-transference and how it affects our work. I also emphasize counselor self-care and burnout prevention.

Strive to be a good-enough counselor.

This is my life’s work and I take being a gatekeeper in the field seriously. I get a kick out of working with clinicians who are insightful, open to being wrong, able to stand up for what they think is right and have an endearing sense of humor. What we do is an art. Or well, an art with boundaries. I will ask two things of you, generally speaking. First, be willing. Be willing to speak up, own your mistakes, sit with your own discomfort, and learn. Willingness is the number one thing I look for in healthy relationships, whether with my couples, supervisees or in my personal life. Second, strive to be a good-enough counselor. Perfect doesn’t exist. When you’re starting out, you won’t get everything right. Have compassion for yourself. You’re still learning, and part of learning is honest self reflection. Focus on being as good as you can be today, in this session, in this moment.

I ask these things of you and promise to practice what I preach.

 If you have any questions or would like to meet and see if we are a good fit, please contact me. I look forward to walking this path together. 


$70 per group supervision

$140 per individual supervision


“I was fortunate to have Danielle for a clinical supervisor for 10 months while in my first position as a mental health counselor. As a new clinician, I had a lot of insecurity and periodic overwhelm, and Danielle was consistently able to meet my needs and exceed my expectations. Danielle is simultaneously able to be nurturing and supportive yet also challenging, which creates the optimal conditions to learn and grow as a budding clinician. Danielle is well versed in a number of therapeutic modalities, and is able to tailor her approach to her supervisee to meet his or her unique needs. She is also willing and open to engage in the hard conversations about the challenges (and joys) of working in mental health. She is truly a remarkable supervisor and a gifted clinician. I am a better counselor having had the opportunity to work with her, and fully endorse her skills and expertise!”  -R

“Danielle is a bright light and an amazing supervisor to have. She is a brilliant clinician that offers abundant support, as well as challenges you to grow. Danielle pushed me out of my comfort zone on several occasions to find my place as a therapist. I find myself often looking back on notes taken during supervision for support and encouragement when I am struggling with a client or clinically. I looked forward to my supervision sessions each week because Danielle not only built me up, but also created opportunities for me to develop advanced clinical skills and knowledge. I attribute a lot of my success in my private practice to the supervision from Danielle.” – A